Naked man or Pig on Rollerskates?

Monster doesnt like naked man or pig on rollerskates..


Bulldog Yoga

Yoga Lessons from Bulldogs. The Five Basics to do a proper Yoga Bulldog Work Out.
Thank You all for sending in your photos and videos.

Viewers in Germany can not watch the video cause of musicrights, for those viewers go to Baggy Bulldogs on Youtube and click the video without music.

Some trainingtips on how to do Yoga together with your Bulldog.

And for some more Relaxtion, Bulldog Lessons in Sleeping and Relaxation

Bulldogs and Animal Friends

*updated 05-05-13*

Bulldogs are known for their sweet and loving character. They love people, dogs and their love does not stop there. They love all animals. Cats, Birds, Cows, Turtles, Bunnies, Donkeys, Rats, Horses.

A photo and video collection thats shows the true, sweet, loving and gentle character of the English Bulldog. Thank you all for Sharing! Don’t forget to send in your Bulldog for the Next Collection: Easter Bullies.

Bulldogs and Cows

Bulldogs and Kitties


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Bullerina’s: Just Twist and Drool

Bullerina’s: Bulldogs as Ballerina’s.
Just as light footed and gracefull…


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Bulldogs Love Volkswagen

Volkswagen famous for being the second largest automaker in the world and famous for…
Their Bulldog Commercials ūüėÄ

Sherman the Bulldog and other Bulldogmodels have been starring in a series of Mini Cooper Commercials.


Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

Behind the Scenes:



Bulldog Hall of Shame

*About 10 new Offenders are added to the Hall of Shame. There are a lot of Bad Bullies out there, Lucky for them they are too Cute to stay mad at. *¬†There is a new internet hype with Doggies involved. It is called “Shaming”. When a dog does something wrong it will be shamed by making a picture with a sign, naming the offense of the suspect in the photo. There are several website where you can “shame your dog” ¬†try:¬†¬†or¬†¬†Here are some Bulldog and other Doggy Offenders who have been Shamed.


bbsource: Mandy Howsego



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James Being Cute

James Hond Playing Upside Down,
being his Cute self and going from Cute 2 Crazy as usual.
Im especially weak for the Paws over the Face move;-)

Bruno and the Bee

Bruno’s Face Off ¬†with Bee (name unknown), ¬†Bulldog intimidating Bee with vicious growl, Bee shaking with fear Bzzz

One Year Old and her Two Best Friends

Cute Girl and her Two best friends a Pitbull and a Bulldog.

Bulldog Interdigital Cysts

Interdigital Cysts, (growths between the toes). Nobody really knows what causes them, some people think it is a fungus and some think it is an ingrown hair or that it may form as a result of the penetration of the skin by a foreign body Рfrequently grass awns. They usually clear up on their own and I am of the opinion they should not be punctured because that can lead to infection. And if possible try to avoid the antibiotic route unless there is an infection. Interdigital cysts are common in some breeds of dog . They are soft to firm fluid-filled swellings that form in the web of skin between the toes. They sometimes rupture and discharge fluid or pus.


Breed Occurrence

The following breeds of dog are said to develop interdigital cysts commonly :

  • English Bulldogs
  • German Shepherd Dogs
  • German Short-haired Pointers
  • Great Danes
  • Pekingese
  • Scottish Terriers
  • West Highland White Terriers


  • Pigmentation of the skin and hair between the toes (red-brown-black)
  • Soft to firm swelling(s) in the web of skin between the toes
  • Discharge¬†fluid or pus
  • Increased licking or biting of the feet between the toes
  • Lameness

Bacterial infection is a secondary complication.

Diagnosis is based upon the typical location and appearance of the swellings in the interdigital skin. XRays may be taken to detect foreign material eg metal, or underlying involvement of bone, and a biopsy may be taken to eliminate the possibility of cancer.

Medical treatment involves the use of corticosteroids (like prednisolone) which are effective in some cases. Surgical exploration of the cysts will help to identify and remove any foreign material eg grass awns.
Surgical removal (excision) off the swellings is the usual outcome if a patient does not respond to medical treatment. Unfortunately recurrence at the same site or in another interdigital web is common.

Good if a foreign body can be identified and removed. Guarded if no primary cause can be found because recurrence is common.


When the area is not infected applying the bath instructions below in an early stage this will help to dissolve it in a few days in 90% of the cases.
Soak your dogs paws (preferably two or three times a day) with Epsom salts. The easiest way to do this is to do in the tub or fill the laundry tub up with 2 to 3 inches of warm water and 1 cup of Epsom Salts.
Put your Bulldog in the tub and just pet him for about 10 minutes or so. After ten minutes or so have elapsed, put your bulldog on a thick towel and gently pat his affected foot dry.

Some people use the method below when this does not work. My last Bulldog had this problem a few times but the method named above always worked for her so I never used the method described below.
After the first bath with Epsom Salts and drying its paws, fill up a cup with about an inch of hydrogen peroxide and hold his paws in this for a few moments. The area and in particular the cyst itself will respond to the hydrogen peroxide with bubbling, where as the rest of his foot does not. This shows that there is catalase enzyme present in these areas, which is one of the components released when blood or damaged cells are present.

Remember always consult with your veterinarian before starting any kind of treatment.

Minty, Don’t Dig!

No more holes
Like upside-down moles!
Minty, don’t you dare dig, dog!

No more mucky paws
Making prints on the floors!
Minty, don’t you dare dig, dog!

No more shaggy coat
Black from tail to throat!
Minty, don’t you dare dig, dog!

.. But if you really, really can’t stop:

Please bury your bone
Not my mobile phone!
Minty, please don’t dig, dog!

Author: Tony Jolley

Neglected Dog

The neglected dog looks such a sight! His coat is full of fleas!
Yet once he filled you with delight! He really loved to please!
The neglected dog has tapeworms, too! They’re ghastly to behold!
Yet once this dog showed love for you! He once was good as gold!
The neglected dog has matted hair and sores upon his feet!
Yet once you combed him with such care till he looked cool and neat!
The neglected dog has eyes that fall… He’s lost the will to live!
Yet once he answered every call! He had so much to give!
The neglected dog lies flat and still… He hasn’t fed in days!
Yet once you cared when he was ill! Now who cares if he prays! ?
The neglected dog pleads for your love! Is that too hard a task! ?
Yet once your love was quite enough! He didn’t need to ask!
The neglected dog has passed away… It’s too late… anyhow…
Though once you loved him day-by-day… Too late to pet him now…

Author: Denis Martindale

Best Friend

She loves and lives with another now his former wife
But his dog remains with him his true friend for life
And for as long as she lives his dog with him will stay
Just for a few pats and a feed every day.

Since dogs are ever faithful for that is their way
He knows that his dog him would never betray
When he comes home from work him she’s happy to see
Your dog’s love for you a true love would you not agree?

Of cruelty to animals we hear of and read
And the one cruel to animals is a cruel one indeed
And since your animal for cruelty unable to sue
The Karma you sow is what will be your due.

The only true friend that he has in the town
His dog is the one who would not leave him down
On his arrival home from work she does patiently wait
And she wags her tail for to greet him at the gate.

Author: Francis Duggan

A Man’s Best Friend?

There is an old time saying that his dog is a man’s best friend
That too should apply to women for why should we pretend
That a woman does not love her dog as much as any man
Women have loved their canines since human and canine friendships first began.

In fact as a whole females to birds and animals than males are far less cruel
Their nature tends to love and nurturing the male nature tends to rule
To say that man’s best friend is his dog to woman kind seems rude
How come from some old sayings the fairer sex we exclude?

To some i may sound politically incorrect here though i do not think that i do
For leadership in love and in nurturing to women we turn to
The woman loves her children and she loves the household pet
And that ’tis woman who gives birth to man is something we ought not forget.

His dog is a man best friend a saying from long ago
But between a woman and her canine the bond of love and trust more strongly grow
For women towards their pets more loving more gentle and more kind
And with every gentle woman a gentle dog you’ll find.

Author: Francis Duggan

Bulldog Belly Rubs

Tootsie asking for Belly Rubs.
Bulldogs look so cute upside down..
Little fat piggies with round bellies

My Dog is Nr 1

Get up in the mornin, See his smilie face
And he’s ‘Waggin’ his tail all over the place
Nice fresh water and doggie snacks in his bowl, I pour
Belly up like a pup, shakin his body askin me for more
he’s such a good Dog he deserves the best
But his nose is everywhere looking for the rest
Get his leash and out the Door we go, for walkies
But as we go along I think it should be, ‘walkie talkies’
I talk to my Dog every single day, you see
I am sure, ‘one Day’ he will talk back to me,
But until that day will come
My Dog is Number one …

Author: David Darbyshire

Nigel Hates the Flute

Comments: Whenever my mom takes out her flute to practice, Nigel throws a fit.
He’ll also howl to a violin, piccolo and occasionally the piano.

Me and My Dog at the Beach

To the beach, my dog and I run,
Play catch frisbees, just for fun.
Umbrella’s to block the sun,
Waves crash upon the sand.
My dog chases gulls that try to land. Sky so blue, sand so white,
My dog and I, were up at daylight.
Winds are warm and blowing slight,
Ocean sprays, dog strays,
Sand blows, through our toes. It gets cool, the sun goes down,
My dog and I, head back to town.
It’s time we leave the beach to rest.
After all, we were just a guest.
All the birds have flown away.
We will come back, another day.
Just me and my dog, to play.

Author: Karen Curcio

Sad Bulldog News

American Radio Host and TV personality Howard Stern is mourning the recent loss of his and wife Beth Ostrosky Stern’s English bulldog Bianca
He nearly broke down in tears several times on his radio show while talking about his beloved Bulldog.

Quote: “I’ve learned I’m human because I’m so touched by my dog,” said Stern, who has Bianca’s name tattooed on his arm.¬†

“My dog taught me how to love,.. Love deeper”.

Bianca passed away at age 10 and a half in the couple’s New York home on Tuesday.
Stern’s wife was with the dog at the time and contacted the Howard, who was at work at the satellite radio station.
“She goes, ‘She’s gone, she’s gone, our baby’s gone,'” she said.

A video of Beth and Bianca on a TV Show:

Stern and his wife, a model and animal activist known for her work with the North Shore Animal League, married in 2008.
They have no children together. They have two cats – Leon and Walter.
Bianca was Stern’s first dog. The couple got her when she was a puppy and when they first began dating.

Quote:¬†“I had made a vow, I don’t know, a couple of months ago, because Bianca’s health was declining,” the radio host said.
“I said, you know, for as long as I’ve got my good girl with me, I’m going to, every morning, I’m going to spend 15 minutes, half hour, whatever it is,
just rubbing her belly and doing what she likes to do. This is tough for me. I’m really bummed.”

My thoughts go out to both Howard and Beth, may Bianca rest in Peace.

R.I.P. Bianca

More Famous Bulldogs (Owners):

So Close..Yet So Far


More Animated Gifs of Bulldogs:

Wallpaper of Party Animals

A wallpaper of Party Animals; Panda, Giraffe, monkey, squirrel..and OC a Bulldog!




Gus wants an Indoor Pool

Gus the Bulldog wants an Indoor Pool,
Plays with Balloons, Destroying Basketballs
all with his Bulldog friend Ginger watching.

Teddy Bored at Work

Owners comments: Teddy comes to work with me everyday.
Most of the day he sleeps, but when he wakes up,
he is always looking for trouble to get into.
Recently, he started doing this when he haven’t paid enough attention to him.
It is quite funny and I always stop what I am doing to play with him when he does this because he just looks so cute.

Don’t Forget..

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Stand Up Comedy Bulldog

A bit of Stand Up Comedy from Aaron Aryanpur,
he explains why his bulldog is not the best watch dog,
unless you tempt him with food.
Skip to 2:40 fot the Bulldog Part

Underwater Bulldog

Video of Diving Bulldog:

Cherry Eye

A cherry eye is also called a third eyelid.

A cherry eye is not life threatening but can cause irritation and other medical problems such as inflamed nose wrinkles due to excessive teary eyes.
This way it becomes infected and causes injury to the eye.
The cause of cherry eyes is not yet determined with certainty. Some think due to the hereditary predisposition and the degree of folding in the face is a possible cause.

If a dog has a cherry eye, you can see a pink lump in the corner of the dog’s eye. The size of the lump differs between 0,5 and 1,5 centimetres.


Cherry eye can be treated in two different ways.

First people will first try using ointment massaging the third eyelid into place.
However sometimes this does not work or will only work temporarily. If so it is necessary for medical intervention.

Secondly, there are two ways of corrective surgery for cherry eyes.
The veterinarian can remove the entire third eyelid performing a small medical procedure with a local anesthetic.
The disadvantage of this method and that is that the eyes can dry out quicker causing damage to the cornea.
The other surgical procedure preserves the third eyelid. Here the lid is attached to the inside of the eye with several stitches.
This ensures the probability a shortage of tears does not occur.
The disadvantage of this method is that the dog needs to go undergo general anesthesia which is always a risk.
There is also a chance that the stitches tear making the third eyelid reappear. Repeating the operation is than the only option.

Before starting treatment always consult a veterinarian.

Puppies Playing

Bulldog Puppies Playing…There is never enough of this.
Music is horrible but the puppies in the video make up for it

Moaning for a Belly Rub

Doc laying upside down just moaning for belly rubs..
The sounds they make when in need of attention, all the same, all 2 cute!

Bulldogs and Booze

Bulldogs even when Sober they still look Drunk…

Twister (rip) always was a big drinker and partygirl;-)


Twitter Replies






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Mojos Cuteness

And here is one ot the Cutest and Feel Good Videos evvaaahhh:

Some more of Mojos Cuteness:

Cuteness Alert

Arthur the Bulldog playing with his little Baby Friend

For more Cuteness of Bulldogs and Babies:

For more Info on Bulldogs and Babies:

5 Little Heads with Hats

Owner / Breeder of these cuties: 

Miss Bean in Need of HeadSupport

For more Bulldogs with Heavy Heads:


Bulldogs like Flowers they are here to brighten up our day
They might not smell like flowers but they do have some resemblance;-)

Puppies playing in Flowers

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On the scale of cuteness, from 1 to 10…I would give this an 11; -)

The name of the Puppy is: Miss Snowflake and the Owner of this cutie face: 

Comments from Petra the owner: Years we waited for a totally white Bulldog Girl and when our little Girl was born we were so happy. We would have never imagined a white puppy from the combination of the parentdogs so it was a little miracle. Thats why she got the name Miss Snowflake Brave Strong Angel. In the picture she was only one week old, today she is one year old.


Sporty Dogs

There are a lot of people who think the English Bulldog is a slow and lazy dog.
Now I can tell you from my own experience that thats not true.
Yes, Bulldogs do love their comfort and their sleep, No they can not run a marathon with you and Yes it is true that they are not the best swimmers….


The Bulldog by nature is a playfull and active dog. They love the walks and when they play they go all out. They might not be the best swimmers but most Bulldogs can and do swim (mine do).

Overall, the Bulldog might not be fit for endurance sports but they love to play and be active just like any other dog. I try to encourage other Bulldog owners to give their dogs a more active way of life, for instance by organizing Bulldog Beach Walks in the Netherlands every year.

Remember :

A Happy and Healthy Bulldog is a Frolicky and Active Bulldog!

And I got the pictures and videos to proof it!

Here is a collection of photos and videos of Bulldogs
from all over the world showing their true nature.

Goin’ Down

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Poem Happy Dog at the Park

I’m a happy dog at the park
I yelp and woof and bark
Along with the sound
Us dogs run around
I’m a happy dog at the park

I’m a happy dog at the park
You may think me off the mark
But I’m not by mistake
In the mud by the lake
I’m a happy dog at the park

I’m a happy dog at the park
I hunt like a big hairy shark
When the bunnies trail
Puts a spring in my tail
I’m a happy dog at the park

I’m a happy dog at the park
I’m glad that some bright spark
Brought a ball to throw
Now off I go
I’m a happy dog at the park

I’m a happy dog at the park
I’ll be wagging well into the dark
Enjoy fresh air and fun
Is my tip everyone
I’m a happy dog at the park

Author: Flying Lemming

Poem Happy Dog at the Beach

I’m a happy dog at the beach
If I had the power of speech
I would tell you all
To throw my ball
I’m a happy dog at the beach

I’m a happy dog at the beach
There are no new tricks you can teach
I’m bouncy and glad
And my tail wags like mad
I’m a happy dog at the beach

I’m a happy dog at the beach
My joy is always in reach
Whatever the talk
It’s the best place to walk
I’m a happy dog at the beach

I’m a happy dog at the beach
As I hear the seagulls screech
I chase and I bark
Long into the dark
I’m a happy dog at the beach

I’m a happy dog at the beach
And I don’t want to start to preach
But if you ask me
The best thing to see
Is a happy dog at the beach

Author: Flying Lemming

Poem Happy Dog in a Car

I’m a happy dog in a car
Hope we’re not going far
I walk up and down the back seat
At each corner I’m rocked off my feet
I’m a happy dog in a car

I’m a happy dog in a car
Zooming down miles of tar
Sniffing around everywhere
I know where we are by scents in the air
I’m a happy dog in a car

I’m a happy dog in a car
I’m feeling well above par
On the window I’m sniffing near
My nose leaves a slimy wet smear
I’m a happy dog in a car

I’m a happy dog in a car
We’re on our way, hurrah
Happy thoughts run through my mind
As I stare and wag at the car behind
I’m a happy dog in a car

I’m a happy dog in a car
And going slightly gaga
Too excited to lay down and nap
I’ll look out the window and let my ears flap
I’m a happy dog in a car

Author: Flying Lemming

Poem I have a Dog

I have a dog, I have a dog
that jumps about and leaps like a frog.
I have a dog, Yes, a pure bulldog
who you leaves me behind brown turd logs.
I have a dog, a big bulldog bitch
in hygiene and wits she’s really not rich.
I have a dog, who doesn’t know her name
who’s known for being helplessly lame
To own her is a curse and a terrible shame
But she is my dog and in my care of course
so I must majestically attend her by sheer force

Chuck Testing his Wind Resistance

Meet 7 month old Tubuc Chuck. Due to an eye operation Chuck has to wear a “lampshade” or also called the “cone of shame”. But Chuck doesnt seem to mind at all and is testing his wind resistance¬†by running, turning, jumping and going all out crazy.

Ziplining Bulldog

You have seen Bulldogs skateboarding, horseriding, snowboarding, surfing…


Have you ever seen a Bulldog Ziplining?

Wel…now you did!

Frog the Bulldog from MacGyver

The American TV hitseries MacGyver ran for seven seasons.
In a couple of episodes there was a special star in there called Frog.
Frog the Bulldog, who would help his owners and the good guys,
but only if he felt like it or was bribed with chicken. (how Bulldog of him;-)

Here some highlights of Frogs actionscenes:

Bulldogs and Babies Photo Collection Part II

A collection of photos of Bulldogs and Babies

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Is also called acute wet dermatitis.
Hot spots are common with dogs with long hair or a thick coat.


It is usually caused by an allergic reaction to a specific antigen. Insect bites such as the flea bites are the most common cause found. But even small wounds in the neck caused by playing are mentioned. There are more possible causes of hotspot such as food allergies, mange, ear infections, poor grooming, shrubs or plants thorns, anal gland disorders, stress, hot weather and hormonal responses.
Hotspots are rare in colder months or in winter. They are equally common with dogs who live indoors and those living outside.


Although this is not a long-term disease. When hotspot occurs, the spot can disappear with treatment within a week. The hotspot could occur again that same summer, the next year or disappear completely.

You should treat the growth of the hotspot and address the original cause.
The area must first be cleaned with¬†sterile water.¬†Dab the area carefully and dry with a clean¬†cloth.¬†Keep the spot dry for a quicker result.¬†There are different kinds of powders and ointments to dry out the hotspot. We must also prevent the dogs from traumatising the spot even further.¬†You can give them a¬†‚Äėlampshade‚Äô or socks on the hind legs to prevent scratching.¬†Sometimes it is handy to tape the big toe nail of the hind leg with tape like Leucoplast.

Many dogs that repeatedly suffer from hotspots could benefit from regular trimming (shaving) of the coat during the summer. Also a bath with special dog shampoo or defleaing your dog. Regularly cleaning their ears and anal glands can also be a method of prevention. 


Hotspots are circular spots, mostly on the head, the neck, the hip and on the side of the body.¬†They are wet, raw, inflamed and usually bare and painful.¬†Dogs usually lick or bite at the spot which causes¬†further irritation.¬†This is why¬†hotspot is also called “Pyotraumatic Dermatitis” due to the fact that the trauma itself plays a major role in the development of the disease.

Hotspot can dramatically change in size in a very short period, what was the size of a quarter can become a spot of 10 cm in 6 hours time.
Always have your dog check by a vet before starting treatment.

Bulldog Health and Care

The coat of an English Bulldog requires minimal care. Regular brushing is sufficient. However, the wrinkles/folds of the bulldogs face needs to be monitored regularly. The places where the skin overlaps can get infected. There are special lotions and creams available to treat these kinds of skin infections. There are various methods and remedies for cleaning the skin folds. I use baby wipes for cleaning the wrinkles. And for a more thorough cleaning I use Sudocrem. My experience is that most bulldogs need a weekly brushing and cleaning.

When giving a bulldog their bath it is important that to wash with dog shampoo. Shampoo for humans often contains substances that are harmful for the skin of the dog.

For more information on bathing your Bulldog read the following:

The nails of the dog should be regularly monitored. Check to see if the nails are not too long and take extra care of the big toe nail. The nails can be cut with a special cutter for dog nails. Make sure when you do cut their nails you do not cut them too short. If you can’t do it yourself your vet can help with this.

Ensure the ears of the dogs are regularly cleaned. I do this with baby wipes and for a thorough cleaning I use foam lotion. There are several types of medicines and lotions available to clean dog ears at pet stores or at your veterinarian.

Many people confuse fat with muscle and with this thought make their bulldogs unhealthy. When bulldogs are overweight, the load is too heavy for their joints and their heart must work much harder when exercising. This is similar to people with an unhealthy fitness.

The English Bulldog is strongly built and naturally a fit dog. The normal weight of a male is between 25 and 30 kilograms and for a female between 20 and 25 kilograms. If your bulldog is above or below this weight it is not immediately too heavy or too thin. Each bulldog, like every human, is different in terms of construction and bones. If you are unsure about the weight of your dog consult your veterinarian.

The English Bulldog breed has some breed specific health problems. The bulldog is prone to allergies and skin problems. And certain genetic abnormalities occur like shortness of breath, joint problems or cherry eyes. It is important that bulldog breeders take responsibility breeding healthy bulldogs and owners give them the proper medical care when needed.

It is important to mention that the Internet is useful information supply.
Beware: Never act on an internet diagnosis and always consult an expert or veterinarian.

Miss Bean Photo Collection

A Photo Collection of my Bulldog Miss Bean.
Want to read, know more about here check here profile here:

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Bulldog Profile: Bungle

Meet: Bungle the Bulldog!
Name              Bungle
D.O.B             04.12.2009
Family Size    3 including Bungle
Colour            Fawn & White
Nick Name      Chops
Weight           24kg
Toys               His favourite is his chicken flavour Nylabone but he loves a Frisbee
Loves             Cuddles and attention
Dislikes          Tape measures and plastic bags
Health            Good
Sounds ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†He has a different bark for different things so we know exactly what he’s
after. He makes a funny noise when happy & content like a cat purring.
He snores so loud you can hear him from a different floor /  room of the
Bungle doin’ a great E.T. Impression
Obedience                    4 ****
Playful                          5 *****
Guard dog                    5 *****
Snores                         5 *****
Intelligence                   5 *****
Conditioning                 5 *****
Social with other dogs   4 ****
Active                          5 *****
Farts                           3 ***
Social with kids            5 *****
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Wrapping Presents with Dogs

wrapping-presents-facebook-com-leanne-brand-54How to wrap up your presents with your Dogs in 35 steps:

1   Gather Presents, Boxes, Paper, Etc. In The Middle Of The Living Room Floor
2   Get Tape Back From Puppy
3 ¬†¬†Remove Scissors From Older Dog’s Mouth
4   Open Box
5   Take Puppy Out Of Box
6 ¬†¬†Remove Tape From Older Dog’s Mouth
7   Take Scissors Away From Puppy
8   Put Present In Box
9 ¬† Remove Present From Puppy’s Mouth
10 Put Back In Box After Removing Puppy From Box
11 Take Scissors From Older Dog And Sit On Them
12 Remove Puppy From Box And Put On Lid
13 Take Tape Away From Older Dog
14 Unroll Paper
15 Take Puppy OFF Box
16¬†Cut Paper,¬†Being Careful Not To Cut Puppy’s Foot Or Nose
That Is Getting In The Way As It “Helps”
17 Let Puppy Tear Remaining Paper
18 Take Puppy Off Box
19 Wrap Paper Around Box
20 Remove Puppy From Box And Take Wrapping Paper From Its Mouth
21 Tell Older Dog To Fetch The Tape So He Will Stop Stealing It
22 Take Scissors Away From Puppy
23 Take Tape Older Dog Is Holding
24 Quickly Tape One Spot Before Taking Scissors From Older Dog and Sitting On Them Again
25 Fend Off Puppy Trying To Steal Tape And Tape Another Spot
26 Take Bow From Older Dog
27 Go Get Roll Of Wrapping Paper Puppy Ran Off With
28 Take Scissors From Older Dog Who Took Them When You Got Up
29 Give Pen To Older Dog To Hold So He Stops Licking Your Face
30 Remove Puppy From Present And Quickly Slap Tape On To Hold Paper On
31 Take Soggy Bow From Puppy And Tape On Since The Sticky Stuff No Longer Sticks
32 Take Pen From Older Dog, Address Tag And Affix While Puppy Tries To Eat Pen
33 Grab Present Before Puppy Opens It And Put It Away
34 Clean Up Mess Puppy And Older Dog Made Playing Tug Of War
With The Remnants Of The Wrapping Paper
35 Put Away Rest Of Wrapping Supplies and Tell Dogs What Good Helpers They Are

Author:  Christi Green

Who can top this Tongue?

Now who can top this huuuuuge tongue?

I would expect a Bulldog to be the Guiness Book World Record holder of longest tongue.
But surprisingly it is not..

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Miss Bean

Misses Bean

Misses Bean is quirky and funny Bulldog and therefore was given the name of the famous TV Persona Mr Bean. I changed Mr to Misses for obvious reasons.

Date of Birth      18 March 2006
Colour               Brindle and white
Nick names        Beanie, Pirate, Propeller
Weight              30 kilograms
Toys                  She is not really into toys with 1 exception toys with squeaky sounds
Loves                To travel, rolling around in piles of sand and o.c. Food
Dislikes              Getting up early in the morning, bathing or having her nails clipped
Health                She is a happy healthy dog, she does have an allergy for some flowers
Sounds              Bean does not really bark it is more of a sigh. She acts like a guard
dog she is very watchful for things like shadows on the wall. Bean says
ouuff  in stead of woof.

I adopted Bean when she was 3 years old. And she felt at home right away.
Allthough the first meeting with James didn’t go too well, they soon became best friends.
I adopted a lot of Bulldogs in my life and most of them with behaviour problems, wich I could fix in a few days or weeks most of the time. Miss Bean was an exception, she really showed her character and stubbornness. The first months I couldnt wash her properly, put on cream (for her allergies back than) and clipping her nails took at least three veterinarians and me to do so. It took about 6 months before she really learned and accepted things, but clipping her nails is still a hassle.

Bean is a real clown. The spot on her eye, her waggling tail and a huge pink tung hanging out all the time, Bean makes almost everyone laugh only by looking at them.
I think it’s the intelligent look on her face that makes for many¬†laughs.¬†Bean loves to travel.¬†If a train, car or tram even passes by she goes nuts and wants to hop aboard immediately.¬†She is very playful and likes to spin circles when she is having fun.
When happy her butt wiggles from side to side and her tail is wiggling all the time like a little propeller. Bean is a very loveable dog, she has no interest in running after things unless its for food, she has no interests for balls or skateboards she just wants to hug all day.

She is a good guarddog, but if she was not, she would still protect the house without her knowing. Every burglar listening at my door will think I keep a Grizzly Bear as a pet by listening to the snoring and growling sounds she produces when she sleeps.

And when she is awake..the sound doesn’t get much better; -)

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