Caring Pathway (Heathcare for the terminal ill)


2 thoughts on “Health

  1. Ryan M. says:


    My name is Ryan and and I am a proud bully dad to 5 and 2 year-old bullies.

    I created a little site to try and raise awareness about getting Bulldogs insured BEFORE anything happens (which can be as soon as days or weeks after they’re brought home lol).

    Would you consider a mention of the website in your blog or on your website? Any info or awareness that leads to better health care for Bulldogs helps cut down on abandonment when medical bills get too high.

    If you need further information, please check out

    or the English Bulldog insurance Facebook page

    Thank you for your funny posts and for trying to help Bulldogs out so much on your site and FB page!

    With Lots of Warm Bully Slobber,


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