My Dogs

Currently I have one Bulldog named Sugar. But with the rescue I often have Foster Bulldogs to keep Sugar and me company. Sugar is now almost four years old and I adopted her when she was 3,5. She is the Happiest Bulldog on the planet, I am pretty sure of that 😀

She Loves the World and the World Loves Her. She is famous for her butt shakes and body wiggles and infamous for her farting powers. Sugar is a real People’s Dog. Whenever I take her to the Dog park she will go and greet all the people there and only after greeting every human there she can allow herself to play with the other dogs.


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Sugar's Extreme Butt Wiggles at the vet's office 😆

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My prior Bulldogs, always in my

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4 thoughts on “My Dogs

  1. Cheri Morgan says:

    She sounds like my Beanie, she is 3 and she is fascinated by the shadows on the wall too. They are amazing dogs for sure!

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