It’s a Thing: ComfortaBull

Comfortable and ComfortaBull are two different things.
The definition of comfortable is as followed: being in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease.

The definition of ComfortaBull is: a total state of mental and physical relaxation that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind no matter the position or situation you are in.

You could say it is the doggy version of being Zen. Where humans need to pratice years of meditation and study before reaching a zen state.  The Bulldog is comfortaBull by nature without any effort. Being comfortaBull also includes being able to handle some of the hardest yoga poses and the ability to entirely shut off the world around you.

So in order it is: At ease -> Comfy -> Relaxed -> Zen ——-> ComfortaBull

Some examples of being ComfortaBull:

In some cases it might look like your Bulldog was dropped from a 10 story building

You can decide to go into that comfortaBull state at any time, even during walks

First time Bulldog owners might think their dog is broken but these extreme yoga positions are standard poses.

Don’t worry these poses are supposed to look uncomfortable and should defy gravity.

True masters of Comfort know how to use their surroundings, the earth is one giant pillow

Do not try this at home, only Bulldogs can handle this level of comfortabullity

Any position, any time, any place …

No human can ever reach the state of comfort a Bulldog masters but they do have a very soothing and relaxing effect on their family members.
Need to chill out? Want to relax? Adopt a Bulldog and watch and learn.


Do you have a comfortaBull Bulldog who needs to be featured in here?
Upload your Bulldog’s photo in the comments or in the group with #ComfortaBull


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