Bulldog Addiction Checklist

Do other people refer to you as ‘that Bulldog person’?
Do your friends and family tell you that you talk too much about Bulldogs?
Is everything you do Bulldog related?
Do you ever wonder if your love for Bulldogs might have turned into an addiction?
To help other Bulldog owners out with this question, here is a checklist you can use to see if you are indeed a Bulldog Addict:


Bulldog Addiction Checklist

1. Whatever you are doing, talking to a friend or at work, whenever a Bulldog walks by, you instantly stop whatever you are doing and all of your attention goes to the Bulldog
Baggy Bulldogs
Whenever you meet someone that has a dog, you like them
Whenever you meet someone with a Bulldog: instant friends

Baggy Bulldogs

3. You invent new words and sayings, all Bulldog related of course: Sayings like ‘Once you go Bulldog, you never go back’ or words like adoraBull and loveaBull

Baggy Bulldogs

4. You like people who like your dog. You despise people who don’t.

Baggy Bulldogs

5. Your photo and video collection on your laptop or computer consists of 99% Bulldog models
98% of the photos on your Phone are of your dog, the other 2% being selfies of you and your dog

Baggy Bulldogs

6. You know all the famous Bulldog owners and always cheer for the Bulldog Celebs, no matter if it’s a Bulldog owner competing in sports, or in the race for an award for acting or music,
you always cheer for the Bulldog People 😀

Baggy BulldogsDavid Beckam with his Bulldog Coco

7. Your Bulldog has about 50 or more nicknames. Most of them making no sense, but your Bulldog understands them all

Baggy Bulldogs

8. You sign and send every invite and every birthday/anniversary/holiday card from your Bulldog

Baggy Bulldogs

9. Your Bulldog has a very extensive clothing and bandana collection and you match your dog’s bandana or clothes to yours

Baggy Bulldogs

10. Whenever you hear someone dissing or judging the Bulldog breed (calling them ugly or fat) you lecture the people every chance you get

Baggy Bulldogs

11. You can only remember people by associating them with their Bulldog

12. All your social activities revolve around Bulldogs

13. You really don’t mind sitting on the floor so your Bulldog(s) can have the couch

Baggy Bulldogs

14. Your mom calls and asks how the granddogs are

Baggy Bulldogs

15. Any conversation you are having is effortlessly directed back to the topic of Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

16. All new friends and dates must pass your Bulldog’s inspection

Baggy Bulldogs

17. You have Birthday parties for your Bulldog

Baggy Bulldogs

18. You’ve traced your Bulldog’s family tree further than you have your own

19. You are not afraid to shout out phrases like ‘I Love Bulldog Butts’ in public

Baggy Bulldogs

20. You cannot sleep without the sound of your Bulldog snoring

Baggy Bulldogs

21. You find a way to put your Bulldog’s name into every song or change all the lyrics to a song and make it Bulldog related

Baggy Bulldogs

22. You have somehow managed to manipulate your friends into being as obsessed with your Bulldog as you are

Baggy Bulldogs

23. You have grown accustomed to having company in the bathroom
Baggy Bulldogs

24. You have shares in Febreeze and every other air freshener product
Baggy Bulldogs

25. You don’t really get the point of outings where you can’t take your Bulldog

Baggy Bulldogs

26. You spent more time in the kitchen making your Bulldog dinner than you do for yourself
Baggy Bulldogs

27. When you are on the internet all websites offer you Bulldog related links and videos

28. You spend tons of money on dog toys and beds even though they get destroyed in minutes

Baggy Bulldogs
Baggy Bulldogs

29. You believe (or Bullieve) that Bulldogs have special Powers

Baggy Bulldogs

30. When other people call you a Bulldog addict you are honored and thank them for the compliment even though they obviously meant it to be a snide remark

Baggy Bulldogs

So how many items did you check on the list.
Is your score between 0 – 10 You are a Bulldog Addict Level 1
Is your score between 10 – 20 You are a Bulldog Addict Level 2
Is your score between 20 – 30 You are a Bulldog Addict Level 3
Did you check all the items on the list?
Congratulations you are just as addicted as I am 😀

My view on this addiction:
What makes the Bulldog so special?

Do you need Help or Support with your addiction?
Join our group for support and to talk to fellow Bulldog Addicts for help ♥


14 thoughts on “Bulldog Addiction Checklist

  1. Anonymous says:

    I checked yes on all the above ! My Bullie’s Name is Maggie Rose and she is so spoiled rotten ! I don’t think I could ever live without a Bulldog ! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maaaannnnn..I ticked every one! i love my toofa loompa chuunka wuunka love muffin 🙂 Love is defined and personified when u have a bulldog 🙂

  3. Brenda Egge says:

    I have waited for 40yrs for my female,white, Oebulldog. She was born May 5th,her name for yrs. Has been BLOSSOM.Can’t wait.

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