Famous Bulldogs

Michael Jackson and his Bulldog Large in 1985

A number of English Bulldogs have received worldwide publicity, and became real stars:

  • Bulldogs are known for their skateboarding talents
  • Bulldogs are known for their performances on TV or in Movies
  • Some artists have their bulldogs in the spotlight and made their own bulldog a star
  • Bulldogs are known through a heroic deed
  • Bulldogs are known as the mascot of a sports club or business

Skateboarding Bulldogs 

The English Bulldog is not known for its sportsmanship but there is one sport in which they excel, skateboarding! Across the world there are skateboarding Bulldogs and some even became global celebrities by skating. Two of the first and most famous skateboarding Bulldogs are Tyson and Tillman. Both Bulldogs have a glorious sporting career behind them and both are still skating. The bulldog has a sort of natural aptitude for skateboarding, they will not only stand on it and skate off but also do turns and tricks by moving their weight on the board, just like human skaters do.

The Bulldogs in movies and on TV 

Jake and the Fatman (and Bulldog Max)
Jake and the Fatman is an American detective series with William Conrad and Joe Penny.
The series ran from 1987 to 1992. William Conrad played Jason Lochinvar “Fatman” McCabe, a prosecutor. He is usually accompanied by his English bulldog Max. He works with the younger detective Jake Styles (played by Joe Penny) and assistant officer Derek Mitchell (Alan Campbell).


Little Nicky 
Little Nicky is a silly comedy. Satan (Harvey Keitel) decides that his youngest son, Nicky (Adam Sandler), should be ruler of the underworld. His other two sons are blazing over there! The two devils go to New York and then all hell breaks loose! Nicky is the only one who can stop his brothers. With the help of a talking bulldog he tries fervently to master all the strange human habits, like eating, drinking and sleeping. And he’s always so cold! The faith of humanity lies in the hands of a devil who behaves like an angel!

From the Movie Leatherheads

Bulldog owners

The English Bulldog is also a beloved pet among the stars and celebrities. Many people with a fast and hectic life chose an English Bulldog as their pet.
Opposites attracts. The bulldog seem to have a calming and relaxing effect on their owners. Some of these celebrities put their Bulldog in the spotlight in such a way that the bulldog itself is now a global star.

Valentino Rossi 
As said many people choose a fast and hectic life for an English Bulldog. Valentino Rossi is an excellent example. Valentino Rossi is an Italian motorcycle racer. He has 8 world titles and 103 Grand Prix victories to his name, making it one of the most successful motorcycle racers ever. Here an interview with Valentino Rossi on his love for the English Bulldog.

ASSEN – Valentino Rossi started at the Dutch TT from pole position, chasing his hundredth Grand Prix victory. The Italian world champion said in talked in our conversation about his love for English bulldogs. The master speaks.

Dogs or cats?
Dogs! Absolutamente. I love them. When I was young we had a cat at home, but I was more fund of dogs. They say that dogs are the best friends of man, huh. Well, that’s right I do. I have two English bulldogs. A boy and a girl, she called Cesare and Cecilia. I have a special relationship with them, sometimes I even talk to them. When I see them, they always make me very happy. Even in difficult times they have a very calming effect on me.

In 2000 I suddenly thought: f*ck, I need to have a dog. By that time I did not have a dog for over almost ten years. I’ve long looked for what kind of dog I would take. There was one that made my friends house into a mess and others were too large. Eventually it became an English bulldog. I drove to Reggio Emilia a famous breeder of these dogs and I bought a boy, that I named Guido. I had a special and intimate relationship with him. For the love I pasted a sticker on my bike from him, so he always was with me during the race.
ZI had Guido for over eight years, unfortunately he didn’t live long due to heart failure.
Guido died last year, just before the race in Malaysia. I had a very hard time, but luckily I was home when he died. It would have been much heavier if I was not there, so I could make him  one last salute. I then went to Malaysia, where I raced home and drove directly to Reggio Emilia. I called the breeder and said I was coming.

He just had puppies. I looked and found a boy and named him Cesare. I also saw that he had a sister from the same litter. I thought, f*ck, this time I just take two. I’m glad I did because two dogs are better than one. They both love to have a friend to play with.


A Photo Collection of celebrities and their Bulldogs:

Carol Gardner from Zelda Wisdom
Baggy Bulldogs

Chris Brown (Singer)has a Bulldog named Diamond

rob dyrdek meaty (4)


Justin Bieber (Singer) with Chris Browns Bulldog Diamond

Scott Mc Call (Actor)

Shemar Moore (Actor from Criminal Minds) owns two English Bulldogs, one named Shug and the other named Moe.
I could only find a picture of one of them..don’t know if it’s Shug or Moe.


Shirley Temple (Actress)

Emma Stone  (Actress) and Ryan Gosling (Actor)
emmastoneryangosling (1)

emmastoneryangosling (2)
ryan gosling

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit (Rockband) has a bulldog named Bizkit. Fred takes Bizkit everywhere he goes and also comes along with the band on tour.

Pink (Singer)had a bulldog named Elvis, that she got from Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of rock and roll legend Elvis Presley. Tragically Elvis drowned in the pool. Although Elvis was a good swimmer at one point he got in trouble. Pink and her ex husband Carey Hart have tried to resuscitate but to with no success. Pink has a tattoo of Elvis on her arm.

Adam Sandler (Actor) has three Bulldogs: Matzoball, Meat Ball and Babu. Meatball was his first Bulldog and was present at his wedding as ring bearer in full costume. Furthermore, Meat Ball also appeared in the comedy movie Little Nicky. For more information and fun facts about Adam Sandler and his Bulldogs click on the link below.


Michael Phelps (Olympic Swimmer, most decorated Olympian of all time) and his Bulldog Herman

Michael Phelps 2

Michael phelps Herman the Bulldog 2
Michael phelps Herman the Bulldog 3
Michael phelps Herman the Bulldog 4
Michael phelps Herman the Bulldog 5
Michael phelps Herman the Bulldog 6

Pete Wentz (Singer)

Pete Wentz has a bulldog who has joined the video: The Take Over, The Breaks Over:

Even the bulldog was the ring bearer at the wedding with Ashlee Simpson.


Paris Hilton (Famous Rich Girl)

John Hamm (Actor)
john hamm

Gordon (Dutch Singer)

AJ Mc Clean (Singer Take That)

John Fitch (MMA Fighter)

Verne Troyer (Actor: Mini-me from Austin Powers)

Tara Reid (Actress)
tara reid bulldog
Cesar Milan and Mr President


Gloria Estefan (Singer)


Jessica Biel (Actress)

Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Osbourne (Singer/TVcelebs)


Ryan Phillippe (Actor)

Captain and Tennille (Singers)

Ice T


Howard Stern and Bianca Romijn Stamos (Radiostar and TVcelebs)







Jay-Baruchel (Actor)

Lindsay Lohan (Actress)

Louise Redknapp (Singer, Presenter)

Reese Witherspoon (Actress) has a bulldog named Frank Sinatra


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s (Actor/Actrice) Bulldog Jacques

Brad Pitt and his Bulldog, Jacques. Pitt says, “I’m a firm believer Bulldog owners are kindred spirits. Mostly because we can and will have very serious conversations about snorts, farts, shit consistency, crusty eyes, crusty noses, puke, and various forms of gas with other Bulldog owners.”

The Rock (Actor)

Jake Owen (Country Singer)


jake owen (2)

jake owen (1)
David Beckham (Soccer Player)

Shia Labeouf Carey Mulligan (Actor/Actrice)  Bulldog Brando

John Legend (Singer)


Jason Aldean (Country Singer)

Jason Aldean

Regina Hall (on the left, Actress)
Tracy Lawrence (Singer)
Tracy Lawrence

Matt Flynn (Sporter Quarterback)

Johnny Vaughan (Journalist/TVceleb)

Roger Whittaker (Singer)


Drea de Matteo (Actress)



Dave Annable (Actor)
Dave Annable

Dave Annable2

Rob Dyrdek (Skateboarder/TV celeb)

rob dyrdek meaty (2)




rob dyrdek meaty (1)

rob dyrdek meaty (3)

Joe Jonas (Singer) and his Bulldog Winston


Danny Trejo (Actor)

Janice Dickinson (Model/TVceleb)

Janice+Dickinson+Bulldog+Model (6)

Janice+Dickinson+Bulldog+Model (5)

Janice+Dickinson+Bulldog+Model (1)

Janice+Dickinson+Bulldog+Model (7)

Janice+Dickinson+Bulldog+Model (2)

Janice+Dickinson+Bulldog+Model (3)

Janice+Dickinson+Bulldog+Model (4)

Will Smith (actor) his Daughter Willow Smith with her Bulldog Rockefeller


Charlize Theron (Actress)
charlize theron

Divine (Actor, Singer, DragQueen) and her Bulldogs Beatrix and Klaus

Divine and her bulldogs, Beatrix and Klaus
Rami Malek (Actor)
rami malek actor

Olivia Wilde (Actress)

Scott Walker (Singer/Songwriter)

A lot of people think Winston Churchill (British Politician) owned Bulldogs, in fact Sir Churchill owned Poodles. Churchill got his nickname the Bulldog for being very persistant and never giving up.
churchill bulldog

Some more Bulldog owners:

– Danny Masterson (actor, 70’s show)
– Mark McGrath (singer also known as Sugar Ray)
– Warren Harding (29th president of the USA) had a Bulldog called “Oh Boy” )
– Calvin Coolidge (30th president of the USA) had a Bulldog called “Boston Beans”)
– Vincent Price (actor)
– Tennessee Williams (writer)
– Doc Severinsen (jazz trumpeter)
– Truman Capote (writer)
– Kelly Packard (actress)
– Kim Clijsters (tennis player)
– Sanaa Lathan (actress)
– John de Wolf  (football)
– Christian Alberts (Formula 1 driver)

Bulldog Hero 
English Bulldogs are not known as good swimmers. Because of their heavy build and short legs they have to work extra hard to keep their heads above the water. Especially since Bulldogs are known as poor swimmers that is what makes the following extra special:

August 3, 2008 A bulldog owner from Michigan USA was walking his dog when his bulldog, Napoleon, suddenly yank hard and started to run to a nearby lake. The owner of Napoleon hurried after him and he saw Napoleon coming back from the water with something in his mouth. In his mouth he seemed to have a kind of cloth bag. Napoleon dragged the bag out of the water and  brought it to his boss. His owner suddenly heard  soft meows coming from the bag. It appeared that there were six kittens in the bag, two of them unfortunately did not survive but because of the heroic intervention of Napoleon four kittens were rescued and they all found good homes. Napoleon got several prizes for his heroic deed.

A video of Napoleon: Napoleon the Doghero -> Video 

The Bulldog mascots 
The Bulldog is known to most people, usually they remember the funny and striking appearance. The Bulldog as a breed is a symbol of strength and perseverance. This is one of the reasons why the bulldog became a mascot or symbol of one of many brands, sports teams, etc. Below some of these famous Bulldog mascots and logos.

Blue II, the mascot of Butler University

Bully the mascot of Mississippi State University

Handsome Dan from the Yale University

Some more info on all the Handsome Dan’s: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handsome_Dan

Jack the Bulldog mascot of the Georgetown University

Uga the Bulldog, the mascot of the Univeristy of Georgia
Uga is one of the world’s most famous Bulldog mascots. He has starred on the cover of the Sports Illustrated and has played a supporting role in the movie Midnight in the Garden with Clint Eastwood. He made himself extra popular with the fans in 2008 when he stood at the sideline and ran on the field to tackle a member of the opposing team.

Tupper the official mascot to Bryant University in Smithfield

You can find Tupper on Twitter: @BryantTuppy

The English Bulldog is the mascot and logo of the U.S. Marine Corps

President Obama greeting Tillman as the Marine Mascot.

Chesty the new Marine Corps Mascot
chesty us marine corps

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