Dog Medication


Luckily, most people understand that there are human medications, and there are dog medications. But the last few years more and more people think they are veterinarians themselves and think they can do without a vets visit. On the internet there are several Lists that are spread with titles as: Human Medication approved by Vets. I think this is a dangerous trend. It is true, even though there are not many, there are some human medications that work for dogs as well, but before you can give any medication you have to make a diagnosis and only a skilled veterinarian can do this. Do not think, that just because you got a lot of experience as a dogowner that this makes you a skilled Vet!

With the bad economy, people try to be inventive and try to diagnose their dogs by searching the internet and giving them human medications. Because of this a lot of Dogs get poisoned. In the US there was an estimate made that in a single year that about 100.000 pets were poisoned.

The Top 3 reasons of Pet Poisoning:
1. Medication for humans
2. Flee and Tick products
3. Human food

Even giving your dog baby aspirin, formerly thought of as safe, is not only harmful to your dog’s kidneys but studies show it has no effect on dog’s pain!
Only give your dog medication that is for dogs. Do Not give any pet medication from other species as well. Cat Medicine are totally different than dogs for instance.  Some of the human medications do work for dogs but only use them under vet supervision and recommendation. Always consult your vet before giving your dog any medication so you don’t risk overdosing or harming your own dog!

Some videos on Pet Poisoning:


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