Cleaning Wrinkles


The English Bulldog is known for his unique face, a flat nose and wrinkly face. These adorable characteristics gives the Bulldog his unique appareance. But unfortunately these cute wrinkles can get moisture in them. This causes the skin to get irritated and when not treated it will get infected.  The area will become messy, dark and moist. Also the infected area will stink, which can really effect your cuddle time. To prevent this you have to clean these wrinkles.  How often you clean them depends on the dog. Some do very well if you clean the wrinkles only once a month. Some need it on a daily basis. Here are some tips on how to clean those wrinkles and what type of products to use.

Supplies Needed for Cleaning your English bulldog:

• Cotton balls or dry dog/baby wipes

• Sterile Eye Wash available at pet or drug stores

• Vaseline for the nose

• Dry towels

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Instructions Bulldog Wrinkle Cleaning

1. Clean your Bulldog’s wrinkles and skin folds with a cleansing wipe designed for dogs. Make sure the brand you use is soap-free and safe for animals

2. Make sure the eye and nose area is completly clean

3. When you dry cleaned the wrinkles, wash his nose and apply a good rub of Vaseline to keep it soft

4. Give your Bulldog a shower or bath using a hypoallergenic, soap-free cleanser. Pay special attention to those bulldog’s skin folds and wrinkles, rub your soapy fingers into the wrinkles, making sure to avoid the dog’s eyes.

5. Rinse your dog thoroughly to make sure that all soap and dirt are washed out from his wrinkles, then dry your dog with a towel. Make sure the skin folds are dry, trapped moisture can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

6. There are a lot of different products available, from shampoos to creams, sprays and tissues at the petstores,  if you are unsure which products to use, consult your veterinarian.

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