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The Character of the English Bulldog


General characteristics 
The Bulldogs are not just remarkable dogs in appearance; they may have an even more striking character. The bulldogs’ character can be described as friendly, social, calm, balanced, compassionate, stubborn, proud and persevering. I personally believe that their friendly and peaceful nature largely determine their character. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but Bulldogs have a unique way of life where the motto is; relax, chill and a ‘no worries mentality “.

The Peaceful Bulldog 
It is due to their character what makes the bulldog so unique. You could almost say that Bulldogs have a soothing and calming effect on their owners. A nice detail is that many of those owners have a fast or hectic life and find peace and relaxation with their bulldogs. For example, the high-speed motor racer Valentino Rossi is a big bulldog fan and owner. A perfect example of two extremes matching perfectly together. For more information about famous bulldog owners I refer you to the topic: Famous Bulldogs. Another example showing the relaxed attitude of a bulldog is that a bulldog is a rare barker. A bulldog will rarely use his voice to clarify disputes.

The energy of a Bulldog 

A statement often heard is that bulldogs are lazy dogs.  Their characteristics like their calm and relaxed nature is often mistaken for laziness or a lack of energy.
These are false accusations; bulldogs just use their energy very thoughtful.
If bulldogs feel like it the will go for the full 100% and they are one big ball of energy.
The bulldog is certainly not a lazy dog. A bulldog has to see the purpose of his energy use and does not see much reason to hurry itself.

With the false idea of a lazy bulldog a lot of owners take an English Bulldog for the wrong reasons. They think the bulldog doesn’t need/and doesn’t like to walk. This is just an excuse for lazy dog owners. When the bulldog only walks a few minutes a day outside, not getting enough exercise and getting overweight it causes the dog both physically and mentally an unhealthy situation.

The intelligence of a Bulldog
Due to the earlier mentioned characteristics, bulldogs are often underestimated in terms of intelligence. Bulldogs need to see the purpose of an action. They will follow all commands but in bulldog rate (so it might take a little longer). This does not mean that bulldogs are unintelligent dogs. There are several Bulldogs that made it to the highest level in obedience training and also have achieved them in agility competitions.

The Bulldog and routine 
Bulldogs are dogs who are very committed to routine and structure in their daily life. Bulldogs often get upset when they deviate from their daily routine. For example, my mother’s bulldog Teun walked the same route through the park every day, when my mother needed to post a letter and had to deviate from the usual route, Teun wouldn’t move and would look in the direction he would normally take. Most Bulldogs are not that fond of change. This may be with the smallest things like moving furniture in the house. This is why it is very important in the upbringing of bulldogs to let them get used to changes.  Let your bulldog gain as much experience as possible in an early stage by letting them get used to public transport, sleeping in different places, walking various routes and so on. This way you can ensure that bulldogs can easily adept in different situations. For more training tips check out the training section.



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20 thoughts on “The Character of the English Bulldog

  1. This was really entertaining but most of all very helpful. I am trying to do as much research as I can before deciding to purchase a bulldog.

    1. Hi Dido, than you are of to a very good start! Hopefully you find everything you need. If you have any questions please ask. Whatever your decision maybe I hope youll find your new familymember and loving dog soon ♥

      1. I just want to make sure I get one from a reputable breeder, any hints as to how I go about that? I know I would fall in love with any puppy I see but want to make sure it will a good fit down the road and not always at the vets office you know. Do they chew a lot as puppies and what can I do to not have him or her chew furniture and shoes etc?

      2. Yes i do, read this: Some do chew on things, but when you train and redirect this behaviour is easily controlled so you wont have to sacrifice your furiture;)
        Also read this:
        And please consider adopting too, there also lot of bulldog puppies looking for homes!
        Again, hope it helps ♥

  2. Many Bulldogs appear to be lazy, but it’s just that they aren’t getting enough oxygen due to their breathing issues. (Stenatic Nares, elongated soft palate, everted laryngeal saccules, which are all fixable with surgery. The last one is hypoplastic trachea, which isn’t fixable.This results in them sleeping a lot (snoring), and not having the necessary energy to exercise as not enough oxygen getting through. Those problems can be solved sometimes with various surgeries. Once your dog has surgery, the energy level increases as a result. Still, many bulldogs and French Bulldogs are laid back anyway, but I’ve seen some that are extremely active enough to do agility training and competitions. The Bulldog breeds have been ruined by trying to get a dog with a more pronounced deviated septum-pushed in face. I long for the days when the this dog breed was healthier.

  3. Help! My 4 year old bulldog bites people’s feet whenever they try to leave the house! How do I stop this crazy behavior?

    1. My bulldog does the same thing. She mostly does it to me though. I don’t really have an answer, but at least I can relate.

  4. Had bullies my whole..never a regret. Money and time we’ll spent. Truly a constant source of happiness for me and my family

  5. I wanna own an English bulldog for my first time, but we are still discussing about it with my wife since she will also give birth in a month time…
    I’ve been inlove with english bulldog for all my life, but I couldn’t own one. So I owned a PUG and a Boerbull.
    and I reside in Angola as we know its very hot, but my apartment is fully equiped with aircondition. also cant find a trustworthy breeder in Angola, please help…….

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  7. Hey guys I’m about to adopt a 2 year old English bulldog and they said he isn’t good with other dogs and wanted to know if that can change.

  8. I have a 7 month old bulldog who wakes up all aggressive and growls at anything, is this normal? he had a rough start and was taken out of that situation. will he change?

    1. With some training this will change and the best thing is to start right away. But you first need to know what is causing the aggression before starting training. It can be a result of a lot of things like fear, dominance, etc. Try finding a professional dog trainer to answer this question and to find the right way to train your dog. Hope this helps ♥

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