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May the 4th be With You

May the 4th be with You

Star Wars,  the film series began on May 25, 1977 with the release of the film Star Wars.  The movie became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon and after the 1st movie many other followed.

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope
Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens

I think we can all agree that Star Wars is a movie with a major impact and a huge worldwide fanbase. I think there is just one thing that can make Star Wars even better …
How? Well ..duh… with Bulldogs of course. The Star Wars movies are known for all the different characters and there is no creature on this earth with more character than the Bulldog.

Below a couple of auditions for the next Star Wars movie😀

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Ellie’s wants to Play

Just goofin’ around. Funny bulldog Ellie, tends to be energetic to say the least in the mid mornings.

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Puppy Cuteness

This will make you Melt …

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Sunday Snooze

Sunday is the day to Relax

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Bulldog Beauty

Bulldog Beauty Contest. Must be hard being a judge in this contest, all Bulldogs are Beautiful

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Listen to Me

Hinman the Bulldog has issues and needs to Talk about it …

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Lucy Vs Hairclip

Epic battle between Lucy the Bulldog and …a hairclip ☺

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There can never be too much Puppy Cuteness ☺

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Pretty Perfect Precious Puppies

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Wrinkly puppy nibbles finger, so darn cute ♥

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Cuteness Battle

English Bulldog Puppy Vs French Bulldog Puppy
Who will win the Epic Battle of Cuteness?

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Welcome to the Family 🐾

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Attack the Swiffer!

Little Bere has a mortal enemy named Swiffer ☺
So Cute!

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Bulldog Hates Whoopi

This Bulldog is not too keen on a Whoopi Goldberg ☺

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I’m Cool like that 😎

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Puppy Cuteness

This will help you through Monday for sure.
There is nothing that Bulldog Cuteness cannot fix ☺

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Sunday Snuggle

Boo Boo having a Lazy Sunday in her Snuggie on the couch watching Dr. Phil ☺

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Bulldog Fun

Bulldogs, the Comedians among Dogs ☺

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Belly Rub Demands

I am not quite sure yet whether this puppy is demanding a belly rub,
or that she is laughing from tickling herself ☺

Either way hilarious Puppy Sounds and very cute video

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Bulldog and Baby

Bulldogs are so gentle, kind and loving. I think every Baby deserves a Bulldog.
Cuteness Overload ♥

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Choosing a good Breeder

When you have decided to bring a puppy into your home, it is very important to be a well prepared dog owner. This includes choosing the breeder of your puppy with great care.  When looking for an English Bulldog puppy, you need to be sure that you find a reputable English Bulldog breeder.

English Bulldogs are a very expensive breed.  Unfortunately, this also attracts the wrong kind of breeders and often they are just there to make a profit on these dogs with minimal care and costs.

Most people know about puppy mills, but don’t be fooled! A lot of prize winning, high rated breeders with champion dogs are no different. A lot of these breeders keep the dogs in kennels outside. They get five to ten female dogs, let them have puppies three times and than dump the female dogs online, or in pounds/shelters.

I know this from experience since I adopted several female bulldogs that were used for breeding in this way. Most of these dogs never get to go outside their kennels, or interact with other dogs or animals, and don’t get the love and guidance from a human they need. Most of these breeders will tell you that their dogs go for daily walks, stay all day in the house and only sleep in the kennels, which in most cases, is not true.

Here are some tips to find a good breeder

There are several things you need to look for when you are researching an English Bulldog breeder. First off, the best way decide who to choose is by looking locally. Before you make an appointment to go visit, do some web research about this breeder.  You’ll be amazed how much you can find about breeders by Googling the kennel name, address and the owners name(s). Make sure to also Google the address. Bad breeders quite often change names.  Also, ask around on forums about the breeder.

A good breeder won’t mind and will only applaud you for being careful and well informed before choosing your puppy.  If they have a website, what is the purpose of the site? In my personal opinion, a website says a lot about the kennel. It should not only have pictures, but also important topics regarding the breed. There are a lot of kennels that are just advertising puppies and stud dogs with no personal information about themselves or the dogs. Also, they have several dog breeds for sale and usually will not have many photos and the photos they do have show the puppies either in a show or kenneled environment. These are all serious warning signs.

When you are pleased with the web search results, make an appointment to visit the breeder.  A good breeder will show you the paperwork and documentation proving that both the male and female are pure bred dogs. They can also show you the documentation of the veterinarian to show that both dogs had all their shots. etc.

Your visit to the breeder is an opportunity to get to know the dogs and the breeder before you commit to purchasing one of the puppies. It is also an opportunity to get all the information you need before making that big decision. This should include asking for references from prior litters.


Trick Question

Look at the picture above and let’s say for example the three dogs on the left are female and the two are male. Which one would you choose? Of course you cannot choose a dog from a photo! But when you ask yourself that question, several other questions come to mind. What gender, what color, what size, etc. Make sure that before you make a visit to a breeder you make a list of your criteria and include the whole family.

This way, when you go to visit you are a 100% sure what to look for. All those puppies are so darn cute and adorabull, so beware when you are going because you will want to take them all Home! Before emotions take over make sure to make a list, so you make a well thought out choice. Keep in mind a breeder might recommend a certain puppy for you. However, even when you have a good connection with the breeder, make sure to make your own decision! A breeder often has other interests in mind: how many dogs have reservations, which dogs will go to other breeders (and go to show and maybe win prizes which will be free advertising for their kennel), female dogs are often more desirable so they will try to find homes for the males first, etc. etc.


Questions you need to ask the breeder

  • How long have they been breeding dogs? What are their motives?
  • What is their daily routine? How many times do the dogs get to go outside?
  • What kind of food are they giving the dogs? Is it a hobby or do they have jobs aside?
  • Did they breed other dog breeds as well? If yes, beware it might be a fashion breeder (a dog breeder who does not specialize in one breed and breeds whatever wanted and most profitable)
  • When there are no older dogs around, ask the breeder what they do with their female dogs who can’t give any more litters?
  • Did they study the breed and if yes, how?
  • Ask what diseases and viruses they vaccinate for
  • Ask when the puppies are ready to leave the nest? Usually its a minimum of eight or preferably nine weeks, but you should check with your local laws first. If a breeder weans too early, I suggest that you look elsewhere.
  • Always ask if any of the dogs have hereditary medical problems and what they define as hereditary medical problems.
  • Make sure to ask about Bulldog breed related health problems like cherry eye, or problems with their breathing, skin problems and allergies.
  • Ask about the possibility of your puppy getting sick. At what age and under what conditions will they cover the medical costs?
  • You will want to know how often the same female is bred. In some countries there are laws to prevent using the same female dog over and over again. Here in the Netherlands the maximum amount of litters per female dog is three.
  • How and when will you pick your puppy? Is there a waiting list or picking order? What if they have reservations for 3 females and they only have one, etc.
  • Ask the simple question why you should buy a puppy with them and not another breeder

You want to make sure that the English Bulldog breeder is willing to offer you some sort of guarantee or paperwork on the health not only of the parents but of the babies as well. You want to make sure that they can verify the health of their puppies. You don’t want to pay all that money only to find that the little puppy is sick and will have medical problems later in life.


To Do’s on your visit

  • Check out the health of the dogs in general (not only mom and dad). Is their overall look clean and healthy?
    You don’t have to be a veterinarian to get an overall look. Check for clean eyes and ears, clean skin, no dirty wrinkles etc.
  • Check out the home of the breeder. Is this a place where the dogs seem to be most of the time or are they more likely to be in the kennels all day?
    A good way to check if the dogs are being walked is checking their paws. If the paws are soft, more than likely they are not being walked.
    The paws of a dog that walks every day feel like sandpaper.
  • If the dogs are kept in kennels, how do they look? Do they have good shelter, clean water, toys, etc?

Ask the breeder if you can walk one of the dogs (preferably the parent dogs but if the female is pregnant for awhile that’s not an option).
Walking the dogs is the best way to find out if the dogs have good endurance and don’t have any breathing problems.
A good breeder won’t mind a 15 minute walk with you and their dogs and will give you a good representation of the dogs overall health.


A Good Breeder

In my opinion a good breeder:

  • Breeds 1st on Health, 2nd on Character, and 3rd on Looks. Unfortunately, with most breeders, it’s exactly the other way around
  • Studied the breed extensively, owning the breed for several years does not automatically make you a Bulldog expert
  • Keeps their dogs like family which means (mostly) in the house
  • Even when kept in kennels the dogs get to go outside for a walk every day (not on some playfield besides their kennels but really explore)
  • Knows the pro’s and con’s of the breed and will inform the future owners about both
  • Will want to know a lot about you, your living situation, etc. Don’t think of this as intruding, in fact, this is exactly what you want. This shows the breeder wants to find good homes and is not looking for the highest bidder but the best home.
  • Will provide all the papers when you get to take your puppy home (when they say they will send it later, beware!)
  • Will vaccinate and deworm your puppy
  • Will prepare future owners with all the information needed, about health, food, house breaking, training etc.
  • Most important, a good breeder is an honest and loving person. This sometimes means saying no to people who want to buy a puppy but are not fit to be puppy parents. This means compensate medical care when the problems are hereditary and most of all this means caring for their dogs like they are family not possessions.


When you are thinking about getting a Dog, have you considered adopting a Dog?

There is nothing wrong with buying a puppy from a good breeder but there are also a lot of Bulldogs in shelters or even death centers waiting for someone to take them Home. So when looking for breeders online you might want to check out some local rescues and shelters as well. Why buy when you can Adopt?

Bulldog Rescues Worldwide

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Miss Bean doing her best Jaws impression

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Babysitter Vs Bulldog

Wilson gets a makeover session for his Babysitter ☺
Looks like they had a lot of Fun together, who doesn’t want a Baby/Bully sitter like that?

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Bulldog Compilation

Bulldogs, the Funniest and Cutest Dogs.

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Poker Face

Look at his face, my money is on the Bulldog, best Poker Face ever.

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Pool Party!

Bulldog Family enjoying a Pool Party.
15 minutes of Bulldog Fun

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Neighborhood Watch

Buddha the English Bulldog takes his neighborhood watch responsibilities extremely serious. Here we find him with his owner as they conduct surveillance together on some pedestrians.

Buddha is definitely doing his best to keep things safe ☺

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But I don’t wanna Work Out ☹️

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Cuteness Dillema ❣ Choose One ‼️

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Duke found a new forever Home ❤️

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To Treat or not to Treat?

Should you use treats in dog training or not? Some people claim it is better to not use treats in training.  Their concern is that the Dog will only listen in case there is a treat. This is a valid concern, cause this can happen if treats are mis-used in training.

The trick is to make sure that food is being used as a reward and not as a bribe. There is a big difference!  A bribe is produced before the desired behavior, a reward is produced after the behavior. So even showing the treat before giving a command is considered a bribe.

Important is to know that when you are rewarding good behaviour, you have many options to reward: a favorite toy, a cozy cuddle, playtime, a belly rub, jogging together.. whatever makes your Dog happy can be used as a reward. Make sure to change type of rewards frequently. This will help prevent the problem that your dog will only follow the commands when you have treats around.

There are also a lot of Dogs who love their treats but will not eat when going outside cause of too much excitement and distractions. This will make the use of treats for training outside the home useless. Again that is why it is very important to use different variations of rewards. Your Dog will soon learn that following commands and showing good behaviour will get him happy surprises😀

Using food isn’t cheating or bribing. It is an easy way to motivate your dog. A reward should be a positive consequence for a desired behavior.
There are lots and lots of ways to reward your dog for a good behavior. Treats are just one of the most used and often misused rewards.

It is very important to not overfeed your Dog while training. It is also very important to not combine treats as a reward in any form of training where conditioning or any form of activity/sport is involved. Active training with a full stomach can cause a medical condition called bloat, where the stomach swells up/tilts which can be fatal to a dog. Of course you can use 2 or 3 treats during training in the park but make sure to not overfeed and excersize in one session.

So regarding using Treats in Dog training we can summarize it into 4 golden rules of using treats in Dog training:

1. Use Treats as a reward not as a Bribe
2. A Treat should only be one of the many Rewards you give your dog, variety is key
3. Do not overfeed
4. Do not use treats combined with exercise/sport training

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Mom I need more Toys 😄

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Let me Shake your Paw 🐾

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Best Friends

Now I lay me down to sleep

This King size bed just right for me

I’ll be right here between your feet

Until it’s time to wake and eat

I’ll snore through the night so you’ll know I’m okay

And when the night sky turns away

I’ll be there to greet you and start the new day

I’ll always be with you until the end

For you are man, and I’m your best friend.

Author: Seth Ratcliff

Baggy Bulldogs

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Crusty Noses

A Dog’s nose is supposed to be smooth and moist, not dry and crusty. A crusty Dog nose can quickly go from bad to worse, drying out even more and forming crusty scabs that flake off and bleed.
It is a commonly cited fact that if your dog’s nose is points to sickness or allergies. But a dry nose does not always mean your Dog is sick.

Despite a long standing myth, a Dog’s nose does not need to be wet and cold in order for the Dog to be considered healthy. The key element to take note of is that if the skin on the nose is dry without any other signs or symptoms, this is nothing to be concerned about.  In a lot of cases it can occur when for example Dogs lick their own noses frequently, from weather and temperature changes or from rubbing their nose in blankets.

A dry Dog nose is uncomfortable for your Dog and it interferes with their ability to smell properly. A Dogs’ strongest sense is their sense of smell, in fact Dogs use their noses to analyze and understand the world around them. When Dogs can not smell as well this can cause them to become agitated or nervous. Even with Bulldogs who are not known for their sniffing abilities the sense of smell is  still crucial.

Possible Causes for a Dry Nose

► Weather, extreme heat or cold can contribute to a dry dog nose. Exposure to the sun can cause your dog’s nose to become sunburned

► Allergies to food, plastic water dishes or toys, household cleaning products, and pretty much anything else your dog develops sensitivity to.

► Dehydration

► Excessively licking their noses

►Underlying medical issues such as allergies, infections or skin disorders


The nose of a dog is very sensitive this means you should never use human, chemical or perfumed products as a treatment.
The following products got several high recommendations by our Baggy Bulldog community members: Coconut Oil, Vaseline, Snout Soother, Argan Oil and Dog Nose Butter.

Applying ointment to your Dog’s nose can be a real challenge. Again the Dog’s nose is very sensitive and products like Coconut Oil are just too tasty to not lick off their nose. Here is the golden tip: After dinner and a short pause/nap, clean the Dog’s face and get ready to walk your Dog, put on your shoes and coat, put on the dog collar and leash. Right before you go outside, you apply the ointment to the nose and immediately go for a walk. This will give your Dog the distraction it needs to not lick or rub the ointment of and enough time for the ointment to absorb.

When the Dog’s nose is really dry try to apply it 3 to 4 times in a day with one application in the morning and the other at night. Once your dog is healed, you can make it a habit and apply ointment at least once a day to prevent nose dryness.

Scaling and crusts may be tempting to pick but this may not be a good idea. Dry crusts that are still stuck on may detach and cause bleeding and discomfort to your dog. It is however good practice to try and clean off your dog’s nose before applying ointment. This will help to remove any food debris that may be stuck on the crusts. Here is how to clean a crusty dog nose with warm water.

► Wet a soft wash cloth with clean warm (not hot) water
► Carefully wipe the nose without dislodging pieces of crust that are not ready to shed
► Apply ointment after every wash

Note that it is best to allow the crust to fall off by itself. Rubbing too hard will leave the skin raw and exposed risking the development of secondary infections.

Hope this blog helped you and your Dog. If you have any questions or know other good dry nose remedies, please leave a comment.



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2 Pigs havin’ a Bath 😆