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I Luv this Brush

Belly rubs, butt scratches, Agnes the Bully is loving the Brush.
Stop cleaning and Start scratching :D

Della and Horace

Just rescued from the shelter, this 8 week-old pitbull puppy Della, may only have 3 legs but she can hang with the big boys, in this case another rescue, English Bulldog Horace the Handsome!

Looking Good

bbThank You Caroline Ward for Sharing your handsome Ernie Elvis with us ♥

Running Wrinkles

Molly and Lulu, two little packages of running wrinkles.
Follow the Leader, Leader, Leader, Follow the Leader

A Bulldog Romance ♥

A  Bulldog Love Story between Millie Wigglebottom and Lefty.
How romantic, kissing together by the Fire. How Cute is this?

Thank you, Sherri Brady for sharing this with us.

James havin’ a Ruff Day

James Hond 007 is havin’ a Ruff day and wants to Talk about it.
It’s a Ruff Life but somebully gotta do it ;-)

Bully x Baby Kisses

Tito the English Bulldog has lots of Lovin’ for Baby Christian Lucas. Bully Kisses are the best Kisses and I think Baby Christian agrees :D


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