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Sphynx Kitten Loves Bulldog

Satara the sphynx kitten  loves Simba the Bulldog.
What a cute couple ♥

Chillin’ and Chewin’

Bentley the Bulldog Puppy Chillin, Chewin and Snappin to some Reggae beats!

After a long walk and a good play, Bentley likes to lay back with his favourite potato based chew stick,
pump the reggae and snap that door stopper!

Puppy Love

Puppy Hugs, Puppy Kisses..
Yes it’s Puppy Love ♥


Bentley playing with the Door Stopper ♥

How to Sneak a Bulldog into a Hotel

This video is Hilarious!
Watch how to Sneak a Bulldog into a 4 star Hotel.
Lol comments: You should be a Spy.. I think he just farted :D

Too Cute to be True

bbThank You Rachel Garcia for sharing your Bully Titus with us ♥


Baggy BulldogsPhoto: Susan Brya


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