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Looking Good

bbThank You Caroline Ward for Sharing your handsome Ernie Elvis with us ♥

Running Wrinkles

Molly and Lulu, two little packages of running wrinkles.
Follow the Leader, Leader, Leader, Follow the Leader

A Bulldog Romance ♥

A  Bulldog Love Story between Millie Wigglebottom and Lefty.
How romantic, kissing together by the Fire. How Cute is this?

Thank you, Sherri Brady for sharing this with us.

James havin’ a Ruff Day

James Hond 007 is havin’ a Ruff day and wants to Talk about it.
It’s a Ruff Life but somebully gotta do it ;-)

Bully x Baby Kisses

Tito the English Bulldog has lots of Lovin’ for Baby Christian Lucas. Bully Kisses are the best Kisses and I think Baby Christian agrees :D

Kitty loves Bully

Kitty gives and wants kisses and hugs. Bully is more interested in taking a Nap but does return the Love ♥

Bully Talk in front of the Mirror


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